Mitsubishi Electric MUZ-HJ60VA+MSZ-HJ60VA klima uređaj

Articul: MUZ-HJ60VA
Mitsubishi Electric MUZ-HJ60VA+MSZ-HJ60VA klima uređaj

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Payment: Cash, upon the store dispatch delivery to the specified delivery address, payment cards online on website or in our office in Podgorica or bank transfer on invoice

Guarantee: We sell new products only, originally packed, with the sales receipt and a warranty slip. The warranty is valid from the manufacturers or their official distributors in Montenegro


Brand Mitsubishi Electric
Single-Split (spoljašnja+unutrašnja jedinica) Serija Zidna
Tip klime Inverter
Kapacitet hlađenja (Btu/h) 21.000 Btu/h
Kapacitet grejanja (Btu/h) 21.000 Btu/h
Energetska klasa A+
Kapacitet hlađenja (W) 6,800 W (1,500 W- 8,400 W)
Kapacitet grijanja (W) 6,000 W (1,600 W- 7,100 W)
Radni opseg -10°C do 43°C
Protok vazduha (m3/h) 225m3/h / 1194m3/h
Pokrivenost Hlađenje 60 m2 | Grijanje 50 m2
Fizičke karakteristike Dimenzije unutrašnje jedinice (VxŠxD) (mm): 305x923x250 Težina unutrašnje jedinice (kg): 13 Nivo buke spoljne jedinice (dB)min/max: 55 Dimenzije spoljne jedinice(VxŠxD) (mm): 880x840x330
Garancija 2 godine
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