Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-6D122VA (spoljna jedinica)

Articul: MXZ-6D122VA
Mitsubishi Electric MXZ-6D122VA (spoljna jedinica)

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Brand Mitsubishi Electric
Multi-Split (spoljašnja jedinica) za 2-6 unutrašnijh jedinice
Tip klime Inverter
Kapacitet hlađenja (Btu/h) 42.000 Btu/h
Kapacitet grejanja (Btu/h) 42.000 Btu/h
Energetska klasa A++, A+
Kapacitet hlađenja (W) 12.2 (3.5 - 13.5) kW
Kapacitet grijanja (W) 14.0 (3.5 - 16.5) kW
Ostale karakteristike MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC MXZ-6D122VA MULTI - SPLIT OUTDOOR UNIT Number of connectable indoor units 2 - 6 Heating nominal capacity (kW) 14.0 (3.5 - 16.5) Cooling nominal capacity (kW) 12.2 (3.5 - 13.5) Heating (UK) capacity (kW) 11.6 (2.90 - 13.71) Cooling (UK) capacity (kW) 12.1 (3.47 - 13.39) COP / EER Nominal 3.67 / 3.01 SCOP / SEER (BS EN14825) - / - Heating ErP energy efficiency class N/A Cooling ErP energy efficiency class N/A Heating max air flow (m3/min) 69.9 Cooling max air flow (m3/min) 59.5 Heating sound pressure level (dBA) 57 Heating sound pressure level (dBA) 55 Cooling sound power level (dBA) 69 Dimensions (mm) 900 x 320 x 1070 Weight Unit (kg) 87 Electrical supply 220 - 240 V, 50 Hz Phase Single Nominal heating system power input (kW) 3.81 Nominal cooling system power input (kW) 4.05 Nominal UK heating system power input (kW) 3.46 Nominal UK cooling system power input (kW) 3.21 Starting Current (A) 18.0 Heating system running current (A) 16.7 Cooling system running current (A) 17.8 MAX system running current (A) 30 Interconnecting cable No. cores 4 Core Total pipe length (m) 80 MAX pipe length (m) 25 MAX high difference (m) 15 (10 if OU higher IU) Charge R410A (kg) 4.8 (60 m) Fuse rating (BS88) (A) 32
Radni opseg -15°C do 43°C
Protok vazduha (m3/h) 4194 m3/h
Fizičke karakteristike 1070 x 900 x 320 87 kg
Garancija 2 godine

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