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Coffee makers in Montenegro

If you are thinking of buying a coffee machine, then which type of coffee maker is the best type for your specific needs? There are so many different types available, it can be at times quite mind blowing.

Coffee Brewing Options

Just before looking at the machines it is worth just a few moments to explain the different coffee brewing methods that are used. They fall into two main categories which are:

  1. Filter/Pour Over
  2. Espresso method

These are general categories of brewing.

With the filter method the end result is that you get a filter coffee. This is also referred to as a pour over method. You essentially pour hot water over medium coarse coffee grains and then allow the coffee to drip into a carafe, or some type of container.

The espresso method is quite different. This is where the coffee machine will heat the water and then force that water through very fine coffee grounds. That makes the classic espresso which is then the base for the many coffee drinks like latte, Americano and cappuccino.

These are two distinct methods and the coffee for each tastes quite different.

The Vacuum Method

There is also the vacuum method of brewing which we will explain later in this buying guide. It looks more like a chemistry lab and is great fun to use.

The reason we explain these brewing methods is so that you have some basic knowledge about them. If for example you want to be able to make a cappuccino or latte, then you will need to buy a machine that can make espresso.

Filter machines or any type of pour over brewing method will never make an espresso.