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Offer for product sellers

If you have a product that you already sell or want to sell in Montenegro, then we invite you to become a seller of your product on our site.

We are the largest online store and online marketplace in Montenegro.

More about us:

· Currently over 30.000 active items on the site in different product categories per the most competitive prices in Montenegro. The number of articles and product categories is in constant increase.

· Informative and multifunctional site for easy search, selection and purchase of products 24/7 from any device: mobile phone, computer or tablet.

· The possibility of selecting and ordering items on the site in 3 languages: Montenegrin, Russian and English. Customer support and consultation by managers in 3 languages.

· Top 10 search engine positions for most product availability queries in 3 languages.

· Currently at least 105.000 unique site visitors per month or 3.500 per day. Number of visitors is constantly increasing.

· Currently 55 points for picking up orders with free delivery for customers throughout Montenegro.

· Several tens of thousands of completed orders and satisfied customers. A few dozen orders and new customers daily.

· There are currently about 12,000 registered customers on the site. Number of registered customers is in constant increase.

· Currently close to 7000 subscribers on social networks. The number of new subscribers in constant growth.

· All the services and opportunities available in the country for retail customers, which provide competition and sales growth: payment by online card, purchase in installments, cashless payment, loyalty program for regular customers, fast delivery of orders throughout Montenegro, guarantee of consumer rights, possibility of return, etc.

· Since 2016, present in retail in Montenegro. The well-established work of the professional team of employees: office, sales department, warehouse, accounting and logistics. We have enough warehouse, transport and logistics capacities. Long-term contracts with partners, suppliers, courier services, post office, advertising agencies, etc.

Terms of cooperation:

1) A legal entity or an entrepreneur who is a registered VAT payer in Montenegro.

2) Placing your product on our website. Working with products on our site without using third party resources. You can independently add and edit your products on our website in convenient time for you and from any device: computer, mobile phone or tablet.

3) Delivery of goods to our warehouse in Podgorica, for safekeeping (FBO). Or storage in your warehouse and delivery to us when ordering products on the second working day at the latest. The product must be officially imported and to fulfills all mandatory requirements for retail sales, which are stipulated by the law of Montenegro (customs declaration, information for consumers, instructions for use in the Montenegrin language, warranty up to 2 years, safety certificates, etc.)

4) The retail price of the goods agreed with us and our commission (most often in the amount of 10 to 19%).

5) Delivery of the sold products according to your invoice with VAT within 20 days at the latest.


· We receive, store, advertise, promote and sell your product in Montenegro.

· We fully resolve all possible issues related to the retail sale of goods to end customers and consumers.

· Fast delivery of goods to customers throughout Montenegro.

· We provide you with access to the target group of customers throughout Montenegro.

· We provide analytical reports and consultations to increase the sales of your product.

· We help in promoting and advertising your brand and products throughout Montenegro.


· You manage the assortment and supply of your product.

· You adjust the retail price of goods and give discounts to customers.

· You always have information about the sale of your product and payment.

· You get customer feedback with our help.

· With our help, you manage all the paperwork for the sale of goods.

Contact us for all the details, if you are interested in our offer.