Coffee Cezve in Montenegro

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A coffee cezve is a traditional tool for making Eastern coffee, which allows revealing all the nuances of the taste and aroma of the beans. The special shape of the cezve promotes even heating and slow release of aromatic substances, making the coffee especially fragrant and rich. In Montenegro, you can find cezves of various sizes and materials, from traditional copper to modern stainless steel, allowing you to choose the perfect option for any kitchen.

When choosing a cezve, it's important to pay attention to the material it's made from, as it affects the speed and uniformity of heating, as well as the taste qualities of the finished drink. The size of the cezve, which should correspond to the amount of coffee usually prepared at one time, is also an important consideration. Regardless of the chosen option, making coffee in a cezve is not just a way to get a delicious drink, but also an opportunity to enjoy the process itself, filled with traditions and rituals.

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