Siren Eldes EWS4 in Podgorica Montenegro

Articul: SIG00315
Buy Siren Eldes EWS4 with delivery in Montenegro. Reliable home protection with a communication range of up to 3 km and a 5-year battery life.

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Categories: Security Systems, Alarms, and Surveillance

The Eldes EWS4 siren becomes an indispensable element of your security system. The device easily integrates with Eldes systems, providing simple installation and flexibility in placement. With an impressive wireless communication range of up to 3 km and an extended battery life of up to 5 years, EWS4 guarantees reliable operation under any conditions. Moreover, the siren withstands the effects of rain, temperature fluctuations, and dust, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use.

The performance of the EWS4 impresses not only with its communication range but also with the quality of the sound signal. The siren can emit a loud sound level of 104-110 dB, which will not only deter intruders but also alert those around to a potential threat. Additionally, the device is equipped with LED indicators for visual information about the status of the security system.

The Eldes EWS4 provides an additional level of security for your home, thanks to its powerful sound signal and visual alerts. The use of modern technologies and reliable materials makes the siren durable and effective in any weather conditions. Buying this product with delivery in Montenegro means providing your home with a high-quality warning system about potential threats.

Tip SmartHome Alarmni sistemi, video kamere, snimači
Funkcija Alarmna sirena

Tip komunikacije Bežičan

Primena Kuće

Upravljanje ELDES

Domet bežične komunikacije 3km

Upotreba ESIM384

Dimenzije 289.6mm x 210mm x 50.15mm

Operativna temperatura -35°C - +55°C

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