Filter set Karcher AF 20

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Categories: Air treatment apparats, air purifier

The Karcher AF 20 filter set is specifically designed to allow your Karcher vacuum cleaner to function with maximum efficiency, capturing even the finest dust particles and allergens. The filtration system includes not only standard HEPA filters capable of trapping up to 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns but also activated carbon filters to neutralize odors and improve air quality indoors. This ensures not only the cleanliness of floors and surfaces but also significantly enhances the overall air quality, making it healthier to breathe.

Including pre-filters in the set helps protect the main HEPA filter from rapid contamination, thereby extending its service life and reducing the frequency of replacements, which is an economically advantageous solution for users. The ease of installation and replacement of filters makes the maintenance process of your Karcher vacuum cleaner quick and convenient, requiring no special skills or tools.

By choosing original Karcher AF 20 filter sets, you ensure that your cleaning equipment operates at the peak of its capabilities, providing impeccable cleanliness in your home. This not only contributes to creating a healthier living environment but also extends the lifespan of your Karcher cleaning equipment, making it a wise investment for the long term.

Garancija (Warranty) 24 months (2 years)
Tip tretiranja vazduha Filter za prečišćivač
Brand Karcher
Tip Filter za prečišćivač vazduha

Za model AF 20

Dimenzije 258mm x 151mm x 59mm

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