Air purifier Sharp UA-KIL80E-WS01 in Podgorica Montenegro

Articul: APA01605
Buy an air purifier Sharp UA-KIL80E-WS01 in Montenegro, advanced innovation for perfect air in your space.
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The Sharp UA-KIL80E-WS01 air purifier boasts a high level of efficiency thanks to modern purification technologies, including HEPA class filtration, activated carbon filter, and the unique Plasmacluster Ion technology, which actively neutralizes viruses, bacteria, and eliminates unpleasant odors. This makes it an ideal solution for allergy sufferers and anyone concerned about air cleanliness in their living space.

Additionally, the device is equipped with air quality sensors that automatically analyze the environment and adapt the operating mode for the most effective purification. This intelligent system not only maintains optimal air quality but also saves on energy consumption.

The design of the Sharp UA-KIL80E-WS01 air purifier combines modernity and functionality, making it suitable for any interior. Its quiet operation ensures that its use will not disturb your rest or sleep while providing effective air purification around the clock.

Choosing the Sharp UA-KIL80E-WS01 air purifier is an investment in your family's health, allowing everyone to breathe clean and fresh air, free from allergens and pollutants.

Tip tretiranja vazduha Prečišćivač
Tip Prečišćivač vazduha

Funkcije Jonizator

Podržane tehnologije Plasmacluster - Prečišćavanje vazduha od bakterija i virusa plazma-jonima

Površinska pokrivenost 62m²

Protok vazduha 90-498m³/h

Filter Filter neprijatnih mirisa, HEPA, Pre-filter

Vlaženje vazduha 660ml/h

Senzori Indikator mirisa, Indikator prašine, Indikator svetlosti, Senzor temperature i vlažnosti

Dodatne funkcije Auto mode, Sleep mode, Timer

Napomena 5 režima rada, Eliminiše viruse, bakterije, alergene i buđ, Nivo buke 21 - 55dB, Ugao protoka vazduha od 20°, Uklanja statički elektricitet

Dodatna oprema PCI spot za visoku efikasnost u udaljenim delovima prostorije

Čišćenje Automatsko čišćenje pre-filtera

Boja Bela

Dimenzije 693mm x 400mm x 359mm

Masa 11.8kg

Kapacitet 3.6l