Dryer with heat pump Whirlpool FFT M11 82B EE, 8kg

Articul: ELE02034
Buying a Whirlpool FFT M11 82B EE Dryer with delivery in Montenegro ensures perfect care for your laundry using the latest innovations.
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The Whirlpool FFT M11 82B EE dryer is equipped with advanced 6TH Sense technology, which automatically adjusts the drying cycle by monitoring humidity levels, allowing for superb drying results with minimal time and energy consumption. The heat pump technology ensures delicate drying at 40°C, making your clothes exceptionally soft and fresh.

The FreshCare+ function maintains the freshness of the laundry for up to 6 hours after drying ends, preventing the development of unpleasant odors and keeping fabrics soft. With a gross weight of 46.5 kg and a capacity of 8 kg, this model is ideal for medium to large families. The noise level of 64 dB ensures quiet operation, not causing any discomfort.

With 15 drying programs, including special programs for bedding, synthetics, and delicate fabrics, as well as the ability to adjust the drying level, the Whirlpool FFT M11 82B EE offers flexible solutions for all drying needs. The full tank indicator and control lock function provide additional convenience and safety in use.

Buying the Whirlpool FFT M11 82B EE dryer in an online store in Montenegro means choosing efficiency, innovation, and top-level laundry care from a well-known household appliance manufacturer.

Garancija (Warranty) 24 months (2 years)
Brand Whirlpool
Tipovi mašine mašina sa toplotnom pumpom
Ugrađen / Samostojeći samostojeći
Kapacitet sušenja do 8 kg
Brzi program,
Eco program za pamuk,
Program za farmerke,

Program za jorgane/jakne,
Program za košulje,
Program za mešoviti veš,
Program za obojeni veš,

Program za odeću za sport i rekreaciju,
Program za Osetljive tkanine,

Program za osvežavanje,
Program za posteljine,
Program za sintetiku,
Program za sušenje pamuka za peglanje,

Program za svilu,
Program za vunu

6th SENSE tehnologija

Blokada tastera,
Indikator punog rezervoara za vodu,
Indikator za čišćenje filtera,
Odložen start,
Zvučni signal na kraju ciklusa
Broj programa 15

Način punjenja Frontalno

Boja Bela

Masa 44kg

Nivo buke 64dB(A)
Klasa energetske efikasnosti A++
Dimenzije (VxŠxD) Visina 84.9cm Širina 59.5cm Dubina 64.9cm