Circontrol WallBox eNext S, Auto punjač in Podgorica Montenegro

Articul: WNA000320E1CC00Z0100
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Categories: Car electronics

  • Hi Charger App designed to control and configure the eNext: language configuration, user authentication, wallbox diagnosis and firmware upgrades, among others.
  • App charge authorization by Bluetooth avoiding any interaction with the charger and protecting it from non-desired users.
  • Remote charging activation is also offered by means of an ON/OFF external input signal (e.g. timer).
  • Timetable programming to adjust the charging session to the hourly energy rates.
  • Ready for internal integration of electrical protections.
  • Includes welded contactor detection that meets with IEC 61851-1 for safety protection.
  • The Wallbox eNext series features a reserved space in case you want to include your own branding on it.
  • DC leakage detection can be ordered as an optional extra. Thus, in conjunction with the welded contactor and RCD A, the highest safety protection is guaranteed.
  • Compatible with the Home BeON sensor (accessory), when combined with eNext, it is able to dynamically adjust the electric vehicle’s consumption according to the available power of the installation.
  • The LED bar at the front not only informs the user about the charger’s status (e.g. operative, faulty...), but also the EV charging status: charging (dynamic blue light) vs charged (static blue light).
  • The charger’s housing is made of ABS plastic, which is both robust and UV resistant, providing protection against mechanical stress and severe environmental conditions.
Brand Circontrol
General Specifications:
- Enclosure rating: IP54 / IK10
- Enclosure material: ABS / PC
- Operating temperature: -5 °C to +45 ºC
- Ambient temperature storage: -40 ºC to +60 ºC
- Operating humidity: 5 % to 95 % Non-condensing
- Light beacon: RGB colour indicator
- Power limit control: Mode 3 PWM control according ISO/IEC 61851-1
- Dimensions (D x W x H): 200 x 335 x 315 mm
- External input: Remote charging activation
- Wireless communication: Bluetooth v4.2 + BLE
Optional devices:
- Low temperature kit: -30 ºC to +45 ºC
- Protections: MCB (Curve C), DC 6mA leakage detection, RCBO (RCD Type A + MCB)
- Power limit control: BeON sensor
- Type 2 socket protection: Locking System
- Type 2 charging socket: Shutter
- Tethered cable (straight or spring): Type 1, Type 2
- Cable support: Connector holder, Cable roller
Model Specifications:
- AC power supply: 1P + N + PE
- AC input voltage: 230 VAC +/-10%
- Maximum input current: 32 A
- Maximum input power: 7,4 kW
- Number of plugs: 1
- Maximum output power per outlet: 22 kW
- Maximum output current per outlet: 32 A
- AC output voltage: 230 VAC (1P + N + PE)
- Socket Type: 1 x Type 2 Cable or 1 x Type 1 Cable

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