Repeater Dahua ARA43-W2(868) in Podgorica Montenegro

Articul: SIG00614
Buy repeater Dahua ARA43-W2(868) in Montenegro. Extend the range of your wireless security system without wires and blind spots.
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Categories: Security Systems, Alarms, and Surveillance

Dahua ARA43-W2(868) is a powerful repeater designed to amplify the signal of wireless security systems. Capable of connecting up to 32 peripheral devices, this repeater ensures reliable two-way communication in your security system.

The first advantage is the repeater's ability to extend the wireless communication range, which is ideal for large estates or complex structures. Automatic switching between two antennas helps minimize blind spots, ensuring uninterrupted system operation.

The second important feature is the built-in battery, which allows the device to operate for more than 35 hours in the absence of external power. This is especially important in the event of temporary power outages, as your security system will remain active.

The third advantage is support for remote updates via the Internet, making it easy to keep the repeater up to date without the need for physical access to the device. The repeater also has power failure protection, ensuring settings are preserved even in the event of sudden power outages.

Buying the Dahua ARA43-W2(868) repeater online in Montenegro means strengthening and expanding the capabilities of your security system, ensuring a high level of safety and reliability.

Brand Dahua
Tip SmartHome Alarmni sistemi, video kamere, snimači
Funkcija Repeater

Tip komunikacije 868MHz, AES128, Bežičan

Obaveštavanje LED indikator

Broj autorizovanih korisnika Podržava do 32 periferije

Domet bežične komunikacije Do 1.600m (na otvorenom)

2-smerna komunikacija,

Detekcija jačine signala,


Ugrađena litijumska baterija

Dimenzije 163mm x 163mm x 32mm

Operativna temperatura -10 + 55°C

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